Dec 17

2014 Annual Bible Reading Calendar

Here is a new 1 year Bible reading calendar that I recently developed for our church congregation to use. It is available below as a PDF file in both English and Chinese versions. Please feel free to download it, print it, and distribute it for personal or church use. Drop me an e-mail or leave a comment below if you find it useful or have any suggestions for improving it. Bill Smallman’s Annual Bible Reading Chart is also available for download on our ABR page (or look on the drop down menu under RESOURCES >> BIBLE STUDY HELPS >> ANNUAL BIBLE READING CHART).


Download 2014 ABR Calendar

Download Chinese Version

Printing Instructions:

  • (English) Print on Letter size paper front and back by flipping the paper for side 2. Print on heavier paper for better results. (Chinese) Print on A4 size paper. The Chinese version is only single-sided.
  • This document contains color, but should print acceptably in gray scale or black and white for photocopying. Let me know if you have problems with this.
  • Tri-fold: (English Version, Letter size) Fold the bottom third up (text inside) so that the fold falls on the table line between weeks 38 and 39. Fold the top third back (text outside) so that the fold falls on the line between weeks 16 and 17. (Chinese Version, A4 size) The bottom fold line is between weeks 40 and 41; the upper fold line is between weeks 17 and 18.

Directions for Use:

(The following instructions also appear on the back of the calendar.)

  1. Keep this calendar with your Bible. Mark each day that you read by crossing out or highlighting the date. Aim to read your Bible every day!
  2. Read consecutively, beginning at Genesis 1. To complete the Bible in one year, read 23 chapters per week (3 chapters every weekday and 4 chapters every Saturday and Sunday). On the right hand table, mark or highlight each chapter after you read it.
  3. After finishing a row of 23 chapters, put a mark in the corresponding checkbox (center column) to indicate completion.
  4. Use the center column to monitor your progress by comparing the completed rows (chapters read) with the current week on the calendar. If you should happen to fall behind, then read an extra chapter per day until you catch up. (The Psalms are a good place to catch up or get ahead.)

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