Feb 21

Elizabeth Hanna Update

Elizabeth is living in Columbia, SC while receiving training in medical laboratory technology. She continues to aim toward a future career in medical missions. Here is a link to a recent update letter that she sent out. I think you will be blessed when you read it and we encourage you to do so!



Dear Family and Friends,

The Lord is so good! These words fill my mind when I think about all He has done and is doing. I know I have not been very good at keeping up with many of you, but I hope this update will help fill in some gaps for those who I have not been able to contact personally. […read more]

2 comments to Elizabeth Hanna Update

  • ginny nutz

    Thank you, Elizabeth, for your wonderful story. You are writing your life story of God’s direction and provision, and as you have said, you know it will continue. We read the stories of the Old Testament and love seeing how God has directed and provided so many, but those are so far from our current lives. Now you are seeing for yourself that the Lord really loves you and cares for your life. Your desire to do God’s will is all that is needed. Dr. Frank Garlock has written a book about how God has directed their lives in service. The title is “Just Show Up.” You are showing up and ready to go wherever the Lord leads. God bless you. Keep that great smile. Love, the Nutzes

  • sarath athukora

    Hallelujah!God bless to your beautiful life!

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