Evangelism and Discipleship

Wall Mural, Kaohsiung Harbor

Wall Mural, Kaohsiung Harbor

Our ministry begins (and necessarily so) with evangelism carried out in many different ways; but it is always tied to our ministry in and through the local church. We hold weekly English Bible classes at the church in which the community is invited to study English. Through this we build relationships and use the opportunity to teach and explain the gospel through Bible stories and lessons in simple English. Our contacts through this venue and through friendships built in the community in other ways sometimes lead to one-on-one Bible studies in which we are able to systematically explain the gospel through a series of Bible lessons. Visitors who attend our services are also followed up with visits in the home, which often leads to opportunities to present the gospel.

Discipleship is the important continuation of the initial work of evangelism.  Believers need to be grounded in the basic doctrinal and practical truths of the faith.  They need encouragement, training, and practice in order to gain stability in the new life which they have begun.  This ministry is carried on through personal discipleship Bible studies, classes on special topics in the church, and informal interaction with us and other mature believers in the church congregation.

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