Our Sending Church

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We are commissioned and sent out by Morningside Baptist Church. Rev. Tony Miller is Pastor. Morningside is also the home of Open Door Baptist Mission.

Contact Information

Morningside Baptist Church
Pastor, Josh Crockett
1115 Pelham Road
Greenville, S.C. 29614

Phone: (864) 297-7890
Website: www.morningside.org

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  • Joy Lin

    Hey Matt and Marla,
    It’s Joy Lin again. You may need to update your website that Josh Crockett is now Senior Pastor and Tony Miller is pastor emeritus. Things are going well. The chinese students at Hampton Park are doing well and the chinese boys will play the hampton park boys in a basketball game on Thursday Jan. 28th. I have been listening to my chinese conversation cds a little and Danny and Shannah and I tried speaking in chinese on the way to church a couple Sundays ago. They mostly laughed at me because I don’t have my tones altogether. You are still in my prayers and Lord willing we will see you this summer.

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