Apr 17

‘Baptized for the Dead’ in 1Corinthians 15:29

Sunday preaching in 1Corinthians

Occasionally, in study for my preaching, I gain an insight that I think is valuable enough to share with you here. Although this is a long article on a technical and complex topic, I hope that you will find it helpful. If you wish to print it, there is a […]

Jun 10

A Little Lower Than the Angels

Psalm 8: God, Man, Messiah. Preached at Cornerstone Baptist Church, Kaohsiung Taiwan on June 7, 2015 by Matt Hanna.

Last Sunday I preached on Psalm 8, a passage I have never before dealt with in any detail. I was taken off guard by the theological breadth and depth of its contents. I’ve read […]

Aug 23

The Theology of Amos

I recently completed a course in Old Testament Theology. We explored the themes and messages of OT biblical books, learned how to investigate the meaning and significance of key Old Testament terminology, and practiced skills for determining the Old Testament’s teaching on important theological subjects. I loved it!

One of our assignments was to implement […]

Aug 8

1 Samuel 28 – An Interpretational Curiosity

In First Samuel 28, Saul visits the witch (necromancer) of Endor in an attempt to gain Samuel’s counsel (who had been dead for some time). Interpreters are divided over whether this resulted in an actual appearance of Samuel or whether it was a demonic impersonation. My thoughts on this passage were sparked by a recent […]

Aug 5

Three Identities of Wisdom in Proverbs 1-9

In Proverbs 1-9, wisdom is pictured as a noble woman, Lady Wisdom, who calls to men and offers to dispense to them the blessings at her disposal. She is contrasted with the harlot, Madame Folly, who also calls to men, but in order to seduce and destroy them. Wisdom in these chapters can be understood […]

Jun 8

The Lord’s Prayer

Perhaps a better name would be The Disciple’s Prayer, since Christ taught it but never used it himself. The Lord’s Prayer would better apply as a name for Christ’s prayer in John 17.

I’ve just completed a sermon series lasting 9 weeks on Matthew 6:9-15. If anyone is interested in looking at my very complete […]

Sep 6

Baptismal Service

See more photos of our baptismal service by clicking on the photo (above).

Sunday we had a special baptismal service in which five individuals received baptism and became new members of our congregation. Every one of these individuals had been attending our services regularly for many months (or in some cases, years) but had […]

Apr 17

The Christian Under the Law (Romans 7:7-25)

Romans chapter 7 has long been a battleground of interpretational opinion. Since as early as Augustine, debate has raged over the interpretation of this passage in at least two areas. First, who does the “I” represent in these verses? Most scholars agree that Paul is speaking autobiographically, at least in some sense of the term. […]

Jan 8

Jesus Baptism by John

I’ve always found Christ’s statement to John the Baptist at the time of his baptism to be somewhat enigmatic: “Suffer it to be so for now: for thus it becometh us to fulfil all righteousness” (Matt 3:15). Although I have long understood, in general terms, that Christ was identifying with sinful men through his submission […]

Jun 29

Marrying Outside the Faith

Last Sunday morning I completed my preaching series in the book of Nehemiah. Chapter 13 describes Nehemiah’s continuing efforts to restore the Jewish nation’s covenantal heritage and to re-establish the people in a position of blessing through obedience to Jehovah. Three personal prayers (Neh. 13:14, 22, 31) mark off the three sections of the chapter, […]

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