Oct 13

New Bible Resources Available

Annual Bible Reading Calendar

Pastor Hanna’s Annual Bible Reading Calendar for 2018 has been posted on the Annual Bible Reading page.

Gospel of Matthew Bible Interpretation Chart

Additionally, Pastor Hanna’s chart on the Gospel of Matthew is now available for viewing, printing, or download.


Dec 5

Christmas Prayer Letter

Recap of 2015

Our 2015 Christmas Prayer Letter is now available for viewing, downloading, or printing. Thank you for your prayers, letters, and financial gifts.

Dec 4

Missionary Video Report

Merry Christmas 2015!

Merry Christmas!

We’ve posted a short video report of our 2015 ministry here.

Oct 25

2015 Annual Bible Reading Calendar

Plan early!

I hope that you have a habit of reading the Bible regularly. If you need help staying on track, I have posted the new Annual Bible Reading Calendar for 2015 on the ABR (Annual Bible Reading) page. Pick up your copy early so that you will be ready to begin the new year […]

Dec 17

2014 Annual Bible Reading Calendar

Here is a new 1 year Bible reading calendar that I recently developed for our church congregation to use. It is available below as a PDF file in both English and Chinese versions. Please feel free to download it, print it, and distribute it for personal or church use. Drop me an e-mail or leave […]

Aug 27

New and Updated Resources

I have released a new update to Andrew A. Bonar, D.D., Diaries and Letters which is now available on the Logos Personal Books page. See the Bonar Diary page for details. I have also posted a new book for Logos PB; the Chinese Union Version of the Bible (1919) can now be downloaded for use. […]

Nov 19

Andrew Bonar Diary for Logos

If you are a Logos Bible software user, then you may be interested in downloading a copy of Andrew A. Bonar, D.D., Diary and Letters for use with your Logos system. I recently read this book for a seminary block class that I plan to take this winter. In order to facilitate my studies, I […]

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