Family Photo for Display

Here are a few professional studio portraits of our family, which are suitable for photo finishing, enlargement and framing. Our most recent photos come first. These photos are copyrighted to Baptist Mid-Missions, but the copyright has been released to us. You may reprint these photos for church or personal use.

  • Hi-Resolution Photo (.jpg format) Instructions.
      Click on one of the images below. When the hi-resolution image has finished loading in a new window, do the following:

    • Because of the large file size, the image may take a while to finish loading. Be patient.
    • Point at the image with your mouse pointer and click the right mouse button.
    • From the menu select “Save Image As…”
    • In the pop-up “Save Image” window, select a directory and enter a filename where you wish to store the file on your computer, then push the “Save” button.
  • Need other options? Write me!
Hanna Portrait 2017

click on image Portrait taken January 6, 2017

Matt & Marla Hanna (July 2012)

Click on image.
Portrait taken in July, 2012.

Matt & Marla Hanna (July, 2012)

Click on image.
Portrait taken in July, 2012.

Hanna Family Portrait

Click on image.
Hanna Family Portrait (December 30, 2012)


1 comment to Family Photo for Display

  • these are great pictures. I will save them and print them to put in your missionary notebook. We look forward to seeing your all again before you leave for Taiwan.

    The year has gone very quickly. For you it went faster than for us, and it seems it has flown for us.

    May the Lord give you safety and rest along the trail as you finish deputation.

    Praying for you

    Julie Lacock

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