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I’ve formatted some books for Logos 4 & 5 Personal Books and published them here. These are books which I’ve found particularly helpful for study or devotional use and which benefit from the advanced search and other capabilities of Logos. These books can be found on the drop-down menu under RESOURCES > LOGOS 4 PERSONAL BOOKS > [book list]. Each individual book will be posted on its own dedicated page, where a description of the book and instructions for downloading and installing it may be found.

All of these resources are offered without cost as a ministry to you. I welcome your comments and suggestions for correcting and improving any of these resources, or for making them more widely available to others. I will add books to this list from time to time. Here are the books currently available:

About Logos Bible study software

Logos is a professional and commercial Bible study tool and resource library for pastors, missionaries, seminary professors and students, and serious students of Scripture. Thousands of theological, devotional, expositional, and topical books and bible study resources are available for use with this program. Because it is a commercial program, most books must be purchased from Logos, either as individual titles or in bundles which are highly discounted. The software itself may be purchased in base packages with differing levels of access and numbers of book titles included. More about Logos can be found on their website: http://www.logos.com. A list of other user created PBs available for download may be found on their wiki.

The Personal Books feature allows users to create books or other content that works seamlessly within Logos in the same ways that purchased books function. Basically, these documents are created and formatted in Microsoft Word, then imported by the user into Logos, which converts it  into its own native e-book format. The process of adding a PB book is fairly straightforward. I’ve included detailed instruction with each book that will guide the user through the whole process. Any book that is in the public domain may legally be distributed to others as a pre-formatted Word document which can be imported by the user into his or her own Logos system by using the Personal Books feature. There is one caveat: this feature is only available to Logos users who have purchased upper-level base packages. So if you own the lowest base package, you won’t have access to the Personal Books feature.

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