Chinese Union Version of the Bible

The Holy Bible: Chinese Union Version

The Holy Bible: Chinese Union Version. Shen Edition. Traditional Script.

The Holy Bible: Chinese Union Version. Shen Edition. Traditional Script (1919).

The Chinese Union Version (CUV) was produced for China in 1919 by a committee of scholars from many different denominations of Christianity. This version is still in use in many places, but there have been several modern revisions (such as the CUVNP and RCUV) which are more commonly used today. The old CUV differs from these revisions mainly in retaining many archaic Chinese characters which are no longer in use,  non-standard transliterations of some biblical names, and an older style of punctuation.

This East-Is-East edition for Logos PB contains this older text of the Chinese Bible and is provided for those desiring to compare the differences between the modern revisions and the original text.

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