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  • Todd

    Are you holding English services this month?

  • English services every sunday at 6 pm.

  • It is so good to hear from you and to hear about the additional people coming to your church. What an encouraging letter. We pray for you both and your decisions for the future, although you really aren’t old yet! But it is so good to be making plans for the changes that you know will be needed. The Lord will guide you in those decisions as He has blessed your ministry all these years. We pray your 3 children are doing well. Where is Beth now? I know you are eager to see each of them when you return. We are doing well and have a “boss” who keeps us quarantined and does our shopping too. Earl keeps working in his shop on cabinets for customers. This virus is such a huge reminder that the Lord can change our whole world anytime He decides to. Makes us think of the world-wide disasters in Revelation. Aren’t we thankful for the safety of our Heavenly Father. God be with you.

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