Nov 11

Jesus in Beijing Book Review

I haven’t posted much recently. One reason is that I have been busy taking a seminary course on Church History, which I have now completed. I am making one of my course papers available below, since it may be of interest to some of our readers who are China watchers.

I have written a book […]

Jun 1

China Watchers Anonymous

Here is a tidbit for China watchers which I thought worth passing on. The following quote comes from a friend with experience in China who requested to remain anonymous. In addition to the recommended article (for which a link is provided below), you can also explore a few more links found in the new section […]

Dec 13

The Forgotten China

You will (I hope) understand if I get a little peeved by all of the attention lavished on Mainland China, which is often paid at Taiwan’s expense. We more or less expect to see Taiwan downgraded in the secular press. Money talks and the size of China’s potential market guarantees that they will be able […]

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