Jun 10

A Little Lower Than the Angels

Psalm 8: God, Man, Messiah. Preached at Cornerstone Baptist Church, Kaohsiung Taiwan on June 7, 2015 by Matt Hanna.

Last Sunday I preached on Psalm 8, a passage I have never before dealt with in any detail. I was taken off guard by the theological breadth and depth of its contents. I’ve read this […]

Apr 23

Tenth Anniversary of Cornerstone Baptist Church

CBC 10th Anniversary

On Sunday April 19, 2015 we celebrated our tenth anniversary as a church.

History of Cornerstone Baptist Church

In July 2002, American missionaries Matt and Marla Hanna moved their family to the DzwoYing District of Kaohsiung with the goal of planting a new Baptist Church. With God’s help and leading, and […]

Sep 1

View from the Pew

Sunday, August 31 was a fifth Sunday, when children remain with their parents in the worship service, instead of going up to children’s church. One young fellow was having a difficult time keeping quiet during the sermon, so Marla moved over next to him to give him a little guidance. He finally accepted a pencil […]

Aug 19

Summer Ministries 2014

We’ve posted some new pictures from this summer’s activities. We had about 97 campers and workers assemble from 9 different churches for our annual youth summer camp. Click the pictures below to view the photo albums

Summer Camp

Our VBS ran from August 11-15.



Apr 1

Baptismal Service

Three individuals received baptism after morning worship at Cornerstone Baptist Church on Sunday. In the last two weeks, two families and three individuals have been added to the church by either baptism or statement of faith. In spite of all that has been taking place in our family, Christ is continuing to build his church. […]

Aug 8

Summer Prayer Letter 2013

Marla playing the piano during summer youth camp.

Our most recent newsletter is now available for download or viewing here. (or look on the drop-down menu under STAYING IN TOUCH >> OUR PRAYER LETTERS)

We’ve also posted some new photos of this summer’s activities on picassa. View them here (or find them through the […]

Jun 8

The Lord’s Prayer

Perhaps a better name would be The Disciple’s Prayer, since Christ taught it but never used it himself. The Lord’s Prayer would better apply as a name for Christ’s prayer in John 17.

I’ve just completed a sermon series lasting 9 weeks on Matthew 6:9-15. If anyone is interested in looking at my very complete […]

Apr 12

English Worship Service Resumes

The Sunday Evening Worship Service of Cornerstone Baptist Church has re-commenced. If you are in the Kaohsiung area and are looking for an English language traditional worship service, we welcome you to attend. Services are held every Sunday evening at 6 p.m. For more information see our church page (on the drop-down menu under ABOUT […]

Apr 24

English Worship Service Suspended

This is a public service announcement for those who attend, or plan to attend, our Sunday evening English Fellowship Service at Cornerstone Baptist Church, Kaohsiung (Sunday evenings at 6:00 p.m.). Because our family is temporarily returning to the U.S., the English Fellowship Service will be suspended until further notice. Our last service will be held […]

Apr 18

Spring News

We’re preparing for a ten-month furlough set to begin on April 30. Our spring prayer letter with news about recent events at Cornerstone Baptist Church and our upcoming travel and ministry plans in the US may be read here.

We have also posted some new photos of our ministry on Picasa. You may view them […]

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