Feb 19

Art Hanna Biographical Sketch

The funeral for my Dad, Art Hanna, was held Saturday and the burial service was Tuesday. Our family gathered from the four corners of the earth to attend. Here is the biographical sketch which was read at the funeral service.

Art Hanna was born in a cabin on the shore of Silver Lake, Ohio, April […]

Feb 7

Art Hanna Promoted to Heaven

Photo: September 2013

I just received word that my Dad, Art Hanna, has passed away at age 93. I will be returning from Taiwan to the U.S. for a few weeks for the funeral and to help my Mother. Marla has just departed Taiwan for Michigan to visit and help care for […]

Nov 21

Fall/Winter Prayer Letter

We’ve posted our latest prayer letter for viewing at the following link: Hanna Fall/Winter Newsletter. (Or, look on the drop-down menu under STAYING IN TOUCH >> OUR PRAYER LETTERS.)

Apr 12

English Worship Service Resumes

The Sunday Evening Worship Service of Cornerstone Baptist Church has re-commenced. If you are in the Kaohsiung area and are looking for an English language traditional worship service, we welcome you to attend. Services are held every Sunday evening at 6 p.m. For more information see our church page (on the drop-down menu under ABOUT […]

Apr 8

Spring 2013 Prayer Letter

return to Taiwan 2013

We completed our furlough and returned to Taiwan on February 26. Please read our new prayer letter to catch up on our news.

If you have not yet taken the opportunity to view our furlough video report covering our previous term of ministry, then please view it here at […]

Nov 19

Andrew Bonar Diary for Logos

If you are a Logos Bible software user, then you may be interested in downloading a copy of Andrew A. Bonar, D.D., Diary and Letters for use with your Logos system. I recently read this book for a seminary block class that I plan to take this winter. In order to facilitate my studies, I […]

Oct 16

Visual Upgrade

As you can see, we’ve dressed our website up a bit. Most of the changes are cosmetic. None of the content has been moved or removed.

The big change is that we have now greatly enhanced printing functionality for this site. If you have been frustrated with trying to print pages and posts from time […]

Sep 26

New Prayer Card Available

We have just received our new prayer cards from the printer. We will be distributing these prayer cards in the churches as we report to them throughout the remainder of our furlough. For those churches in which we have already reported, we will be mailing packets of cards for them to distribute to their congregations. […]

Sep 14

A Moving Experience

Our fall prayer letter is now available!

When we were brand-new missionaries, just arrived in Taiwan, senior missionary Nadine Lehman (now with the Lord) used to tell us: “Being a missionary is a moving experience.” Twenty-five years of missionary life has confirmed this truth. During the last four months since we left Taiwan and arrived […]

May 24

Summer Facebook Experiment

Never say “never!” Once again I am eating my own words. I have now opened up my Facebook account to friend requests. Because so many people in our church in Taiwan have requested to follow us through our ten month furlough on Facebook, I have made the strategic choice to open up to friend requests […]

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