Jun 29

Marrying Outside the Faith

Last Sunday morning I completed my preaching series in the book of Nehemiah. Chapter 13 describes Nehemiah’s continuing efforts to restore the Jewish nation’s covenantal heritage and to re-establish the people in a position of blessing through obedience to Jehovah. Three personal prayers (Neh. 13:14, 22, 31) mark off the three sections of the chapter, […]

May 25

The Elements of Revival

With God’s help Nehemiah led the Jews to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem in just fifty-two days (Neh. 6:15). In doing so he modeled the principles of leadership which every Christian leader who desires to accomplish a work for God may apply in his own life and ministry. However, in considering Nehemiah’s accomplishment, the focus […]

Feb 25

Leadership from Nehemiah (follow-up)

Today I ran across this quote in Barber’s book on Nehemiah and include it here as a follow-up to Monday’s post on leadership.

… As a result of Nehemiah’s own inner dynamic, the tired, fearful workers were motivated to accomplish what seemed to all intents and purposes to be impossible.

But how do we define […]

Feb 22

Reflections on Leadership from the Book of Nehemiah

I am presently in the middle of a series preaching through the book of Nehemiah in our Sunday morning Chinese worship service. The discoveries about leadership and organization that I have made through my preparation for these messages come at a welcome moment in my own life and ministry. The personal benefits that I am […]

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