Jun 24

Moving Down in Life

Matt was recently appointed to a new role in Baptist Mid-Missions as the Asia-Pacific Field Administrator. However, this ministry will be based out of Taiwan, rather than returning to work from the Home Office in Cleveland, OH. His region of oversight extends geographically from Russia to the southern tip of New Zealand; it includes India, […]

Aug 9

Typhoons and Other Trifles

We haven’t blown away. Typhoon Soudelor made international headlines when it struck Taiwan on Saturday. It was a powerful storm with strong winds and torrential rain that passed directly through the middle of the island. The weather channel reported that one location in the mountains NE of Taipei received 52 inches of rain. Another report […]

Aug 8

1 Samuel 28 – An Interpretational Curiosity

In First Samuel 28, Saul visits the witch (necromancer) of Endor in an attempt to gain Samuel’s counsel (who had been dead for some time). Interpreters are divided over whether this resulted in an actual appearance of Samuel or whether it was a demonic impersonation. My thoughts on this passage were sparked by a recent […]

Sep 6

Baptismal Service

See more photos of our baptismal service by clicking on the photo (above).

Sunday we had a special baptismal service in which five individuals received baptism and became new members of our congregation. Every one of these individuals had been attending our services regularly for many months (or in some cases, years) but had […]

Jun 5

Taiwanese in America

I found an intriguing book review on the Global China Center website about Taiwanese immigrants in America. I hope to order the book, but the article alone is very helpful in identifying and explaining a phenomenon which missionaries here in Taiwan have long recognized: Taiwanese are much easier to reach with the gospel when outside […]

Oct 18

View Our Church and Home

For better or for worse, we can’t escape the ubiquitous exposure of our private lives on the internet. We as Christians must always live according to the rule, “Thou God seest me” (Gen 16:13). And for the sake of our testimonies, neither can we afford to forget that sometimes the whole world is watching! My […]

Oct 12

2010 Ministry Report

Here is a short video slide show reporting on our ministry in 2010. Our daughter Beth provided the violin background music. (It can also be found on the drop-down menu under ABOUT US > OUR MINISTRY > 2010 MINISTRY REPORT [VIDEO] )

Time: 2 minutes and 56 seconds

Sep 28

Vacation Photos

We’ve posted some pictures of our family vacation for family and friends. Earlier this month we took a week and went to Sun Moon Lake in central Taiwan. This is one of Taiwan’s most famous scenic locations. I’ve finally gone through the photos and picked out the best ones for posting on our web albums […]

Sep 24

More Dan Watson Photos of Taiwan

In February I posted a slide show here from missionary photographer Dan Watson’s website. He has recently posted another slide show entitled “Exotic Taiwan,” which I am including below for your enjoyment and information.

To view more of Dan’s web albums visit his site.

Exotic Taiwan


Jun 29

Marrying Outside the Faith

Last Sunday morning I completed my preaching series in the book of Nehemiah. Chapter 13 describes Nehemiah’s continuing efforts to restore the Jewish nation’s covenantal heritage and to re-establish the people in a position of blessing through obedience to Jehovah. Three personal prayers (Neh. 13:14, 22, 31) mark off the three sections of the chapter, […]

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