Nov 24

Winter Prayer Letter

Our November Prayer Letter (11/23/2009) is now available for viewing on our website.

2 comments to Winter Prayer Letter

  • Brother Matt,

    I have clicked on every occurance of the words “prayer” and “letter” in this website multiple times but nothing takes me to either your Winter or February Prayer Letters. Could you let me know what I am doing wrong? Thanks

    Brother Gene

  • Brother Krachenfels,

    Go to the top left of the blog screen to the drop-down menu (above the header) and hover over “Staying in Touch”, then select “Our Prayer Letters” from the menu. You will then be directed to an index page containing all of our prayer letters arranged by date (with the most recent letter at the top of the list). Simply click on the desired entry to view that prayer letter in PDF format.

    Matt Hanna

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