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Christmas School Ministry (followup report)

Christmas Evangelism

2009 Christmas Evangelism. Click on the image above to see more photos of this ministry.

For those of you who prayed for our Christmas evangelism in the public schools this Christmas season (see our Dec 1 post), we thank you. Our final presentation was held on December 23 when we presented the Christmas story to the sixth grade class of one our Sunday School children.  In all, the gospel seed was sowed in the hearts of more than 700 students and teachers who heard the full Christmas story and a clear presentation of the gospel.

In addition to the benefit received by those who heard the presentations, it was also a great blessing to the members of our congregation who participated.  They sacrificed hours of their time in preparation for—and participation in—the classroom presentations.  For many of them it was an eye-opening and faith-building experience to witness the gospel go forth clearly and without apology in a public setting.  Emily Luo and Pastor Hanna took turns teaching the story, Marla played the keyboard and taught simple English, and seven other individuals took turns helping with song leading, question and answer time, distribution of the gift bags, and other responsibilities.

We did not have any major problems this year, for which we thank the Lord.  Other than a few grumbles from some teachers who did  not appreciate the gospel content, most teachers and students were very receptive and appreciative.  Overall we consider this year’s effort to have been a resounding success.  The positive response has left us with an open door to return to these schools again next year.  You may view more photos of this ministry by following this link to our photo albums.

[appended 1/18/2010]

Even more pictures of this ministry are posted here on our church Chinese language blogsite.

2 comments to Christmas School Ministry (followup report)

  • Deana

    thank you for sharing!! we were praying here at Taitung Bible Baptist Church as we knew the times you were teaching….God is so good to allow you all to go to the schools in Kaohsiung!!

    Deana -for the Pan Clan

  • It is truly a great delight to know that the schools in Taiwan are open for talks like the ones you gave. I am sure the Lord has planted many seeds that day with more to be harvested in future. Keep up the good and Godly work. Looking forward to read more updates or His goodness flowing into and out of Taiwan.

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