Dec 13

The Forgotten China

You will (I hope) understand if I get a little peeved by all of the attention lavished on Mainland China, which is often paid at Taiwan’s expense.  We more or less expect to see Taiwan downgraded in the secular press.  Money talks and the size of China’s potential market guarantees that they will be able to bribe and manipulate those who desire access to those markets. This partially explains why a democratic and open society (Taiwan) is continually and regularly excluded from every international forum available—even non-political ones.  But it irks me even more that Church mission leaders and potential missionaries in the United States pass over Taiwan without a single thought and flock to China in droves.  If you have not yet seen or read my recent article The Forgotten China (under Our Field on the drop-down menu), please take the time to do so.  Here is an excerpt to whet your appetite:

“The People’s Republic of China has become the new destination of choice for thousands of missionary workers intent on carrying the gospel to a nation finally awakening from its communist slumber.  But there is another China which has been all but forgotten by today’s missions strategists.  The Republic of China, also called Taiwan, claims a place of strategic importance to the greater cause of Chinese missions.” … read more

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