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Haiti Earthquake Report

The following is an update received from our home office today.  We pass it on so that you can pray for this need.  To stay current, you can find updated information posted on BMM’s website.

Baptist Mid-Missions rejoices to confirm the safety of our missionaries in Haiti, Roy and Ruth Shelpman.  In a January 14 e-mail, Dr. Shelpman reported that they had been in their home in Grand Goave (approximately 20 miles from the epicenter) when the magnitude 7.0 earthquake struck on January 12.

Sensing that the building would not endure the severity of the ongoing tremors, they and the other residents of their dwelling vacated the house.

At approximately 2:30 AM, a severe tremor occurred, and they heard the house go down. Exterior walls around their property and half of their sea wall also collapsed.

They are gradually digging out valuable items from their home.  Thankfully, Dr. Shelpman did not report of any personal injuries to the people in their immediate residence.  They plan to remain in Grand Goave for the present time without attempting to travel to Port-au-Prince, because of the severity of damage to the national highway.

Baptist Mid-Missions also received information via e-mail from Pastor Maxime Pierre-Pierre, a Haitian pastor who lives in Port-au-Prince and serves as representative on behalf of Baptist Mid-Missions in Haiti.  Pastor Pierre-Pierre informs us that God kept his family, their house, and their church building safe.  He was teaching in a Bible Institute when the earthquake hit.  The classroom and building where he was teaching suffered damage.  Several students were pulled out of the rubble, but two were presumed to be trapped inside.

Pastor Pierre-Pierre reports that they are hearing stories of both miraculous protection and heart-rending loss.  Difficulties with phone communication prevent them from being able to confirm the condition of others in their community.  They have little access to food, water or fuel, and they have no electricity.  Because of continual aftershocks, he and his family have been sleeping outside since Tuesday.

The Baptist Mid-Missions Crisis Management Team continues to gather credible information. Updates will be posted when available.

Please pray for all involved in addressing this catastrophic event.  Baptist Mid-Missions has set up a World Relief project fund to offer physical and spiritual help to those affected in Haiti.  Gifts toward this fund can be sent to BMM World Relief/Haiti. More information is posted at http://www.bmm.org/BMM/WhereWeServe/LatinAmerica/News/haiti+world+relief+2010.htm.

2 comments to Haiti Earthquake Report

  • We support Brinson McGowan and guess he and his wife are not currently in Haiti … Is that correct?

  • As far as I know, Roy and Ruth Shelpman are the only BMM missionaries currently in Haiti. The report which I posted on my blog is only passed on second-hand from our home office. You can address the Baptist Mid-Missions home office directly for any questions about the McGowans.
    contact them via the e-mail form on their website at http://www.bmm.org

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