Jan 25

The Brand New Same-Old Hannas.Org

Since you are reading these words you can plainly see the obvious: Our East Is East blog has now become the home page at Hannas.Org. The old web pages are gone; now, if you type ‘www.hannas.org’ into your browser, you will be brought directly to this blog. This marks the completion of our transition from a webpage based site to a blog-driven site. Although things may have been moved around a bit, all of the content that you are used to finding on Hannas.Org is still here. The menu at the top of the page will allow you to navigate to information about our family, our field, our ministry, and our message, as well as resources for getting to know us better or to encourage your spiritual growth.

I wish I had discovered WordPress blogging software long ago. It has changed the way I think about communicating with our supporters, family, and friends.  (1) It has simplified tremendously the process of writing, posting, and changing content of value to our readers. This allows me focus on the message instead of the tedious and painstaking process of writing and maintaining HTML (the language required to write web pages). (2) It brings a much more professional, attractive, and consistent appearance to our readers. I did my best using the old method, but it always looked a bit hokey; now it looks much more inviting. I hope it will draw you in, bring you back, and increase your burden for the ministry of the gospel in Taiwan.

In fact, this whole process of learning to set up and use a blog has galvanized my thinking about the subject of missionary websites. I’ve started working on a project which will eventually show up in ‘Resources’ on the topic ‘Developing a Personal Ministry Website.’ I hope to promote the intelligent use of weblogs by missionaries. The days are over when you needed special computer knowledge or skills (or at least to know someone who did) in order to put up a website.  (Am I sounding a little bit ‘missionary’ concerning this topic?)

If you have been a frequent (or infrequent) visitor at Hannas.Org, this new format may seem a little strange at first. But it provides much greater opportunity for you to interact with us (in far-away Taiwan) and respond to what we’ve written. Feel free to use the ‘comment’ feature to let us know what you think about this and other posts.  This feature may be found in the gray footer bar at the bottom of each post. An additional option is using the RSS feature to keep track of new postings made here. This link is found on the navigation bar at the top right of the page. Or, drop by and visit anytime!

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  • For about 45 years, our family (me) did “Missionary Mailings” whereby missionaries sent me a letter, which I reproduced and sent (mailed out) to their mailing list, so the “news” was anywhere from a month or more old by the time they got it! Now it is “passe” since most missionaries now use email, their “letters” are more current and appreciated! The Lord alllowed me to have medical conditions, which caused me to cease the
    mailings. His timing is perfect! I enjoyed your informative writtings!!THANK YOU Neil (my spelling didn’t help, but my wife was still liviing hen, and her spelling was pefect! NES

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