Feb 25

Leadership from Nehemiah (follow-up)

Today I ran across this quote in Barber’s book on Nehemiah and include it here as a follow-up to Monday’s post on leadership.

… As a result of Nehemiah’s own inner dynamic, the tired, fearful workers were motivated to accomplish what seemed to all intents and purposes to be impossible.

But how do we define this “inner dynamic”? Is it one of the intangibles that we must be born with to be a successful leader, or can we develop it?

Enthusiasm is not a magical something that we either have or must forever do without. It is based on two important qualities—truth and character. Nehemiah, we find, was committed to the truth. By following the truth, he developed the quality of character so necessary in a capable leader. When he came to Jerusalem, he was able to make truth of what God wanted for His people the focus of a common purpose, and his character became the important dynamic which inspired (i.e., enthused) the Jews to follow him with confidence. Effective leadership is based upon both of these qualities, truth and character.[1]

[1]Cyril J. Barber, Nehemiah and the Dynamics of Effective Leadership (Neptune, New Jersey: Loizeaux Brothers, 1976), 74-75.

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