Mar 4

A Nasty Bump

We experienced a strong jolt this morning while we were sitting at the breakfast table (8:18 am). Normally we don’t get too excited about earthquakes, since we feel them regularly. But this time the jerk and bounce was so powerful that we immediately jumped up and ran down the four flights of stairs to get to the street. Our church secretary (on first floor) beat us out the door. As we were running down the stairs we heard something crash above us.

When things had settled down we went back upstairs. There was no major damage, thank the Lord. We did lose one vase (the crash we heard) which we had unwisely placed on the top of a cabinet. Drawers were all open, some things tipped over (no major furniture), and some liquids spilled and made a mess. Other than being a little “shaken up”, we’re no worse for the wear. The government website posted that the quake was 6.4 on the scale of intensity. See the quake report.

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  • Roger & Donna Williams

    We are thankful you are all allright! We get two of your newsletters at our ********************** address. If you wish, you can just send your newsletter to our email address and save having them printed and mailed.

    We wonder if all of these earthquakes, along with other things happening in our country and the move to globalizatin is not an indication that the Lord will return soon in the Rapture. What a joy that will be for those of us who are ready, thru faith in Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. Enjoyed seeing the photo of the school children.
    Praise the Lord for your faithfulness in a very difficult field.

    In Christian love,

    Roger & Donna Williams, Sr.

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