Mar 8

Meeting the Needs of Our Church Youth

Since January, Marla and I have been carrying the primary responsibility for the church youth program with occasional help from a few members of the congregation. Our main ministry to this group takes place on Saturday evenings from about 7 to 9 p.m.  when we have game time, singing, and a Bible teaching session. Before and after the organized part of the program we have opportunity to interact individually with those who come. Those who attend this Saturday night meeting fall into two categories: those who also attend the other church services and those who come only on Saturday.  It is those who are the committed core and those who are the children of our church members who are the primary focus of our ministry.  We do want to reach out to other youth in our community in order to evangelize and disciple them, but don’t yet have a good plan or sufficient resources to accomplish that goal. Our current attendance on Saturday evenings is about 15-18 youth. The committed core consists of about 10-12 youth.

Because I also have many other responsibilities and concerns in the church, it has been difficult to give all the attention to our youth that they need (and sometimes demand). It would be nice to have a “ministry specialist” to whom we could turn over this important ministry, but few mission fields provide such benefits. Like most missionaries, we are “jack of all trades, master of none.” Pray that we would be able to strike the proper balance by meeting their legitimate needs for fellowship, community, activity, and interest as well as their deepest need for spiritual instruction, challenge, and service. It is a hard balance to find.

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