Apr 24

Ministry Forecast

It rained all day yesterday in Kaohsiung. That is an unusual occurrence for our city which is usually sunny, hot, humid, and hazy, but rarely rainy. We are enjoying the cooler weather which it has brought to us, however, as a welcome relief from the heat which we have been experiencing during the run-up to summer.

Ministry is starting to heat up for us as well as the weather. Church responsibilities press upon us relentlessly and the regular and necessary preparations for preaching and teaching seem to go on endlessly.  But in addition to these ordinary ministries, a few extraordinary opportunities and responsibilities are beginning to loom up like cumulo-nimbus clouds on the skyline of our lives.

Upcoming Travel

In mid-May I will be making a short trip to the US to participate in committee meetings to review our mission agency’s health insurance plan and make recommendations. Five years ago our plan was in distress; adjustments made then have improved the situation dramatically. During our meeting next month we hope to keep things moving in the right direction. I will be in and out of the US in just one week without missing a weekend at our church. Pray that the Lord would allow me to spend a day with my son, Luke, during the few days that I am in Cleveland. Pray also that I will handle the travel and time changes gracefully.

In July I will be traveling to Greenville, SC for another seminary block course at BJU (Bob Jones University). I have been unable to attend any of these courses for two years due to conflicting responsibilities here. Although fulfilling the course requirements adds stress to my schedule, the spiritual instruction and encouragement received during these classes amply repay the sacrifices of time, energy, and inconvenience required. I also hope to spend a few days with my parents in California on the return trip. Please pray not only for me, but also for my family during this time. Pray that the Lord would uphold and encourage them during the three weeks of my absence. Also remember to pray for the ongoing ministries of the church while I am gone. Pray that our people will show themselves faithful and committed to the Lord and His work.

Summer Camp

Cornerstone Baptist Church is sponsoring and organizing the summer camp for our informal fellowship of Taiwan Baptist Churches this year. We have invited a speaker with experience in preaching to youth to be our guest speaker. Much work remains to be done as we prepare for this event.  Please make it a matter of prayer.  Camp will be held from July 12-15. I will be leaving for my BJU course on July 16. Its starting to look like a “perfect storm.”

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