Jun 1

China Watchers Anonymous

Here is a tidbit for China watchers which I thought worth passing on. The following quote comes from a friend with experience in China who requested to remain anonymous. In addition to the recommended article (for which a link is provided below), you can also explore a few more links found in the new section entitled “Christianity in China” on the right sidebar. I will continue to add new related links here from time to time as I come across them.

Two issues that American Christians struggle to understand about China missions are the issues of persecution and freedom. Are the house churches in China facing persecution? Are missionaries able to work freely in China?

Both issues are complex, and the answers vary from place to place in China. Also, what was true in China last year may no longer be true today. Perspectives also vary widely (as what an American sees as “persecution” may seem like “freedom” to some Chinese Christians). If your perspective on China has been shaped primarily by “persecution watchdogs”, it is advisable to find a more balanced view on Christianity in China today. For further reading on this topic, we recommend the recent article, “Are Chinese Christians Being Persecuted?” It’s a little long (5 pages), but can be accessed online by clicking here.

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