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Music and Art Ministry Team

June 2010 music and art ministry team

June 2010 music and art ministry team

This past weekend we enjoyed the ministry of three ladies who brought music and art to Cornerstone Baptist Church. Florence Fong of Hamilton Square Baptist Church in San Francisco played the violin and sang, Gini Herbert accompanied her on the piano, and Esther Curtis drew chalk art during the performances. They performed violin, piano, and vocal pieces for a sacred music concert held for our congregation on Saturday evening and also provided mini-concerts during the music portion of our regular worship services on Sunday.  This was the first visit to Taiwan for all of these ladies who will also be performing in several other churches in Taiwan and Hong Kong during their trip.

The music/art team performed numerous arrangements of traditional hymns in the classical style. Their ministry helped us to promote three goals of our church.  First, it enabled us to provide high-quality Christian music to our people that will whet their appetite for Christian music which is clearly different from the music of the world.  It is my belief that people who learn to love beautiful music will not soon desire the fleshly and worldly music styles which dominate in Christian “worship” today.  Secondly, it encourages our young people to consider learning to play a musical instrument for themselves (or to keep working at it if they have already begun). We hope that they will desire to use their musical talents to serve the Lord and be a blessing to God and his people during the public worship of the church.

Finally, the music concert also provided us with a good opportunity to invite our community to attend. During the Saturday concert and the Sunday services we had numerous visitors in attendance, many of whom were not saved. Many of our visitors expressed appreciation for the beautiful music and all of them heard the gospel clearly presented.

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  • Nan Mosher

    We share your motive and church goals for excellent worship promoting music! PTL for standing firm…May He give us grace to continue to the end.

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