Aug 6

Back in the Saddle

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You haven’t heard from me in a while; I’ve been traveling, but I’m now “back in the saddle again.” So let me give you a “round-up” of what has been taking place in our lives and ministry.

Our summer camp was a success. Thank you for your prayers for us during that busy week (July 12-15). Nine churches participated with 51 campers and 29 missionaries and family members present. Summer camp is one of the few times that missionaries have a chance to gather and enjoy fellowship with one another. Our special speaker was a blessing to both the campers and missionaries. As far as I know, three campers made salvation decisions and a number of others made decisions for Christian living. Organizing is always a huge job, but we had lots of help and things ran smoothly. View camp pictures here.

I had exactly one night back in my own bed before departing for a block seminary course at BJU in Greenville, SC. I was a little concerned beforehand that jet lag might affect my performance  (or lack thereof!) during class, but I was able to stay alert. In addition to the spiritual and intellectual benefits which I received from the course material, I was also blessed by the fellowship with instructors, fellow students, and personal friends in Greenville. About a third of the students in class this session were missionaries, so I was in good company. It was also fun renewing acquaintances at our sending church, Morningside Baptist, during my two-week stay in town.

Luke came down from the Wild’s camp for one weekend while I was there. He has been working on the operational staff there this summer doing grounds-keeping as well as having opportunities for ministry by playing his trumpet and helping to counsel campers who make decisions during the evangelistic meetings. He will be starting his junior year at BJU this fall studying Bible. The Lord continues to provide for his needs through work and scholarships.

Finally, on my return trip I stopped in California and visited my parents, Art and Marian Hanna, for a few days. Dad is now 90 but both he and Mom are in good health. It is a blessing to have a younger Christian couple (who are long-time friends of the family) settling in to the house next door to be nearby in case of need. My only brother Nathan and his family is pastoring a church in remote Nunivak Island, Alaska and is also far away. God is good in providing for the needs of my parents who have served Him faithfully in their lifetimes and have given both of their sons to the Lord’s service; one son is on a tropical island and the other on an Arctic island!

While I was gone, several of our young men preached in the services. God has blessed our church with men who desire to serve the Lord vocationally. We also had many guests that continued to visit our services during my absence.  This is the big issue that I will need to address now that I have returned.  We need to evangelize these people (in some cases), teach them, incorporate them into the body, and through the Holy Spirit’s working in their heart bring them to a position of shared conviction and belief. Pray that God would give us wisdom in this process.

I safely returned to Taiwan on August 5. Please continue to pray for the needs of Cornerstone Baptist Church and our family.  Church VBS runs August 16-20. Afterward, our family hopes to take a week of vacation before the next school year begins. Please continue to pray for the Lord’s work here.

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  • sean williams

    May the Lord be Glorifed as He see Fit to Plow open Haren Soil, that Only a Godly Plow can bringforth the Newness of Eternal Life amen.

    Eph 4:31 Let all bitterness, and wrath, and anger, and clamour, and evil speaking, be put away from you, with all malice:

    Eph 4:32 And be ye kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ’s sake hath forgiven you.

  • Bethany

    Wow…what a summer so far for you. Glad you are back with Marla & the girls. We have been busy with buying, selling, packing, moving, etc. We hope to sign papers on Mandy’s new house in Mboro Tuesday so she can move in that nite. She has been staying with her friend, Elisa. Didn’t know that Luke got to see you one weekend. That is great! Kyle is overseas til the 13th August. Then will be deployed to Afghanistan between Sept & December…Mandy looking for new job too. You pray for us as we pray for you. Love ya! Bethany

  • Nan Mosher

    Many thanks for the succinct letter capturing many busy days. We continue praying…especially for VBS and ministry to the visitors. Great to see photos of the family @ camp.

    A Whitty left for Saipan a couple days ago.

    We are involved with an outreach to area police, EMT, firemen 8/12 with church/Pastor Spink.

    PTL for supplying funds for travel to India, Bangladesh, Thai, and H.K.!!! (11/17 – 12/7/10)

  • Julie Lacock:-)

    Thank you so much for helping us in the ESL program. We were in a really big need the first Sunday you were at Morningside. I did not even know we would have that many students at one time. I am thankful otherwise I probably would not have slept Saturday evening.

    The Lord bless you in your ministry. We pray for your health and that souls will be saved.

  • Dan Forbes

    I am in LA on my way home from spending a month in Western China–teaching Western civ at a university there–the Lorde gave great liberty, and I have begun to understand chinese culture better–and appreciate your ministry. Keep up the good work!!

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