Sep 20

Typhoon Fanapi

Captain Haddock

Captain Haddock of Tintin comic book fame

“Ten Thousand Thundering Typhoons!” as Captain Haddock would say.

All of Taiwan was battered by a strong typhoon yesterday which hit our DzwoYing district of Kaohsiung especially hard. Because of the amount of rain, there was major flooding. Water was flowing two to three feet deep on the road in front of our house for more than six hours. Our main concern was that water would flood our first floor and fill the basement of the church. Thankfully, though some water splashed in under the front doors, it did not flood the basement. The roof drains were also unable to handle the amount of rain falling and caused water to accumulate about 6 inches on the roof patio, causing steady leaks in our house and the church building during the worst of the storm. Statistics published by the National Weather Bureau this morning show that our area received about 600 mm of rain in this storm (almost 2 feet). The county southeast of us received almost double that amount!

Strong winds also knocked down many trees up and down our street. Some minor damage to the front of our building also occurred, but nothing that can’t be fixed, for which we are thankful. As far as I know, only one of our church families suffered serious damage. Their home is in an especially low area and suffered major flooding on their first floor.

Typhoon Fanapi was a slow moving storm which passed directly through the center of Taiwan from east to west. It turned south as it passed over the island and left the coast about thirty miles north of Kaohsiung, which is why southern Taiwan seemed to catch the brunt of the storm.

We did actually hold church services yesterday (Sunday) morning. Winds and rain were already strong as the storm approached, but a few brave souls came to worship. The worst of the wind and rain didn’t arrive till about 4 pm and lasted till 10 or 11 pm. Because so many of the high-rise apartment buildings in our area have underground parking, many people had to move their cars out of their parking garages (which were beginning to flood) during the middle of the storm to find high ground, which added to the confusion. From our fourth floor living room (which has wide plate glass windows overlooking the intersection) we watched the drama unfold. The national government has declared today (Monday) a national holiday so that people can clean up.

4 comments to Typhoon Fanapi

  • Gini Herbert

    Thank you for letting us know. I don’t ever see news about the typhoons. Is this typical or a lot more than usual? I’m so glad you all are okay. Praise God!

  • Luke Hanna

    Glad to hear that nothing super destructive happened to you guys, though typhoons are one of the things I miss about Taiwan that don’t happen in Greenville, SC.

  • Shirley Hale

    We hadn’t read anything about the storm either. We are so glad that you are all fine and that the damage was minimal.
    Loved the pictures of Taiwan. God makes lovely skies and country. Loved the bright colors in the special buildings. Are these temples?

  • There is one picture of a temple in these photos. The rest, however, are public buildings in traditional architectural style.

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