Oct 18

View Our Church and Home

For better or for worse, we can’t escape the ubiquitous exposure of our private lives on the internet. We as Christians must always live according to the rule, “Thou God seest me” (Gen 16:13). And for the sake of our testimonies, neither can we afford to forget that sometimes the whole world is watching! My daughter yesterday unexpectedly discovered that our church and home can now be seen “up close and personal” on Google Street View. In fact, you can even identify two of our church members on the front porch! To see these images select the following link:

A Street View of Cornerstone BC

The interesting thing about these public images is that you can move around in a 3-D grid and view the church from many different angles. You can also zoom in to view details or zoom out to see the big picture. No wonder people are concerned about privacy issues!

If you view the church from the smaller road (ChungHo Road), you can see our blue mini-van parked on the porch next to the two dark green electrical boxes. Through the double glass doors is our church office and the church reception area. If you cross the road and view the church from the opposite corner, our home is on the two upper floors of the church building. You can also take a stroll through our neighborhood and see it at eye level from the comfort of your living room 8,000 miles away. If you follow ChungHo Road North five blocks, you will arrive at the High-Speed Rail station, the subway station, and the Mitsukoshi Department Store.

George Orwell would be proud.

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