Apr 13

Catching up on news

It’s been almost three months since my last post. My apologies for the long break. You have probably been wondering where we got to! Life has been continuing here at the same busy pace as always. My only excuse for not having kept you informed is that I allowed other projects and responsibilities to take precedence over communication. This entry is my first step in trying to remedy this failure.

Actually, there won’t be much news in this post. We’ve gone so long without communicating that now there is too much to tell! So instead, let me give you a promise of more information to come, and where and how you can expect to receive it:

1. We are right now in the process of writing a prayer letter which will contain all of our news over the last few months. It should be ready to post in a few days. We will place a notice and link right here on the front page when it is available for you to read.

2. I will no longer be posting audio sermons on the front blog page as I have attempted to do (see the last few posts). This format doesn’t work well for me and I have gotten bogged down trying to keep up with posting them every week. Instead, you will now find a new link on the menu bar under RESOURCES > AUDIO SERMONS > ENGLISH AUDIO SERMONS> Series on Romans. Go to this page for an index of all the audio sermons preached so far in this series. I will update this index periodically (instead of trying to do it every week). Chinese Audio Sermons are also available from the menu bar as well (look for CHINESE AUDIO SERMONS).

3. I can see that I’ve drifted away from my original intent for this blog. So I will try to get back to posting news, information, prayer requests, and personal communications from me to you on a regular and more timely basis.


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