May 4

Safely Home

Milton Tolly

Milton led the singing at Hope Baptist Church for 40 years.

We arrived home in Taiwan this morning safe but exhausted. Our flights were fairly uneventful. We did NOT have to wait on stone benches for a 33 hour layover in the Upper Zambezi airport. Although the Osama Bin Laden news broke on the very night before we flew, airport security was no more annoying than usual. The only hitch was that we had no connection for the final leg of our journey from Taipei to Kaohsiung. We landed in Taipei too late in the evening to catch the last high-speed train home, so we had to take the midnight bus instead. We finally arrived at our door at 4 am. We thank the Lord and thank you who prayed for our safe journey.

Today we are still slightly disoriented from all the travel and activities of the last week and a half. We feel somewhat like victims of last week’s tornado outbreak: we’ve been sucked up, swirled around, and finally bumped back down right where we left off. It will probably take a few days to get our land legs back.

Last Wednesday’s funeral for Marla’s dad, Milton Tolly, was a blessed time of joy and sorrow. It was wonderful to see all of the gathered family pay tribute to his life and legacy. He will be missed, but we are joyful for his sake. He too is safely home!

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  • Gini Herbert

    What a whirlwind of blessing. Family is so precious! So glad you’re back home; hope you’re able to sleep-in a bit. Gini

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