Jul 26

The Days of Our Pilgrimage

I’ve just returned from a one week teaching trip and I’m now trying to get reacquainted with my office! All told, I’ve been away from home for one and a half months. Our family left on June 7 for a long visit in the U.S. and returned on July 8. Summer youth camp ran from July 11-14. Then I left for another week of teaching immediately after that. Now I’m trying to attack the mountain of chores that have accumulated during my absence.

One of the first things necessary for me clear away is communication with our supporters. Here is a brief update which will be followed in a few weeks by a regular prayer letter:

Art & Marian Hanna 50th AnniversaryWe enjoyed visits both with Matt’s parents in California and Marla’s mother in Michigan. Although we had previously announced that Marla and Rose would be going to the U.S. so that Rose could get settled for college, we were secretly planning for all four of us to go along and surprise my parents for their 50th wedding anniversary. The surprise was complete; we thoroughly enjoyed the visit with Art and Marian and with my brother Nathan and his family, who also came down for the occasion. Nathan and family took a break from his pastorate of a native-American church in a remote portion of Alaska. He and I were able to do quite a bit of work around the property, which was important, since my dad (who is 91) is in declining health. We killed four rattlesnakes and a scorpion during our stay—an unusually high number of critters not seen for many years. [FACT: Did you know that when a rattlesnake coils to strike, with just one chop of the hoe you can cut it six pieces?]

From California we went to Michigan and stayed with Marla’s mother for two weeks. First, Rose and Marla flew to Greenville, SC for a weekend to participate in Rose’s summer orientation at Bob Jones University. This program allowed her to pre-register for classes, get her student ID, spend a night in the dorm, apply for a job on campus, and other things, which helped a lot toward relieving some of Rose’s apprehensions about college. In Michigan we also met up with Luke who is staying with his grandmother for the summer and doing an internship at Hope Baptist Church. Like in California, our visit was a working visit with several projects around the house checked off while we were there.  Rose will be spending the rest of the summer with her grandmother and her brother in Michigan until time for school to begin in the fall.

2011 Taiwan Baptist Youth CampWe plunged right back into ministry as soon as we arrived home in Taiwan. Our summer youth camp was well attended and we know of at least one salvation decision that was made by an individual from another church. Cornerstone Baptist Church was represented by 13 campers or leaders, three of whom made important decisions regarding their Christian walk. Although there was a lot of rain, it did not dampen the spirits of the campers.

After camp I left Taiwan again for a week-long teaching ministry focused on the book of Revelation. I returned home exhausted and exhilarated by the opportunity. This should be the last trip for me for a while, at least. Now I need to turn my focus back toward the ministries and needs of our own congregation. There is much that needs attention.

Other pictures of our recent activities have been posted to our Picassa site for viewing (see the left sidebar, or click on a photo above).

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  • Steve

    We just had the Bollon family visit Woodcrest Baptist Church in Fridley MN. They were a blessing to us. – Steve

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