Sep 28

Channels Only

Cornerstone Baptist Church Choir

Our church choir under the direction of Dolly Wong presents a ministry in song.
September 25, 2011

Time: 3 minutes and 6 seconds 

The video player should appear above this text. To begin the presentation click on the arrow in the middle of the video player screen.

4 comments to Channels Only

  • Bethany McCurley

    It was beautiful. The singing & was my sister playing the piano? Is that Beth in the middle of front row?

    Love you all,

  • Actually it was one of our church teens playing. We have about three others now that can play for church or choir, in addition to Marla. We’re trying to develop pianists so that the music ministry can continue when we’re gone (we plan for furlough to begin next May). Yes, that is our Beth singing. She’s Dolly’s assistant (the choir director) who helps organize the choir music and keep the choir member’s books order.

  • Beth Hill

    Great job, Dolly! It sounded wonderful, and the person playing the piano did a LOVELY job! 🙂

  • Marian Hanna

    I loved it! Pretty good graphics and photography, too!

    Your Mom 🙂

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