Nov 23

Discipleship 101

After the baptismal service in September in which several people were baptized, and because many others in our congregation have never received any basic instruction in the Christian life, we recently started up a new Sunday School class to provide discipleship training. As we meet together each Sunday morning to study, we attempt to impart both critical information and practical skills which will equip these new or untaught believers for spiritual life, stability, growth, and usefulness. Although this type of teaching is much more effective when carried out in a private setting with an individual or couple, it is not always possible to do it this way. We are still trying to train and equip more of our mature Christians to take a larger role in this area of discipleship training.

There are 11 or 12 people attending this Sunday School class which is held in our own living room. It is an exhilarating experience to participate in the process of building up new believers. Their questions about the Bible and about life are a reminder that we are not dealing with abstract principles or theories, but with practical reality. It is a challenge to simplify truth without trivializing or minimizing it. And we are constantly challenged to relate doctrinal truth to the real life issues to which they apply. Please pray for these new believers–the future workers and leaders of the church–and for us as we teach.

For those interested in using our discipleship materials in English-Chinese format, go to our Disciples Sourcebook page on the drop-down menu under RESOURCES >> BIBLE STUDY MATERIALS.

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