Dec 22

School Evangelism

School evangelism Christmas 2011

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This year the Lord opened the door for us to enter two different elementary schools to present the Christmas story. In all, we sowed the gospel seed in the hearts of about 450 students in 15 different classes. It was also a training opportunity for many of our people. About 10 different individuals from our church congregation came at different times with Matt and Marla to help with song leading, question and answer time, and distributing the gift packets to the students.

This year’s opportunity came through an American teacher who attends our Sunday evening English fellowship service. She was able to introduce us to the Chinese teachers with whom she co-teaches to get us an invitation into her classrooms. We are thankful for the open door that this provided for us. Because of the religious nature of our presentation, we carefully inform the teachers beforehand about the content that will be presented and the materials distributed to the kids. There was still one complaint from an outside supervisory teacher about the materials in the gift packet, but it was not enough to stop or hinder our work.

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