Mar 18

Spring is here!

As you can see, there has been nothing new posted here for several months. Things have been rather hectic for me with ministry, travel, and studies. In November I traveled to Cleveland for meetings with our mission agency. December was filled with ministry for the holidays. In January I spent two weeks in South Carolina to take another course in my doctoral program at BJU. (It was great to be around my two college kids for a while!) February was occupied with finishing 8 class papers (!) for that course. In early March I again traveled to the US for more meetings with my mission agency. Of course, it should go without saying that all of these events were organized around continuing church ministries here at Cornerstone Baptist Church in Kaohsiung.

Our next big event is furlough coming up at the end of April, so things will not be slowing down at all for us. We plan to fly to Greenville, South Carolina on April 30 to watch our son, Luke, graduate from BJU. That will begin a 10 month furlough in which we will travel from coast-to-coast and report to all of our supporting churches, Lord willing. Most of those meetings are already scheduled. We will also be helping our youngest daughter, Beth, begin her college career at BJU in August, and Rose will begin her second year there.

We are arranging for several different couples or individuals to replace us in the ministry here, during the time of our furlough. Please pray for the church to be stable and grow while we are gone.

To celebrate the arrival of spring (at last!), here is a revision of one of my earlier poems for your enjoyment:

Spring Morning

A symphony outside my window plays
And gently draws my drowsy eye to gaze
Upon a patch of leafy limbs and sky
And then some cheerful finches by and by.

Creation lifts its daily hymn of praise
To greet the sun’s first slanting burnished rays
Which dart and bend through branch and leaf and pane
And creep until my coverlet they gain.

The dust motes revel at the reveille
In soft beams playing on the wall for me,
Where freakish shadow figures say the time
And bid me to arise by pantomime.

by Matthew W. Hanna

© 2012 by the author

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