May 24

Summer Facebook Experiment

Never say “never!” Once again I am eating my own words. I have now opened up my Facebook account to friend requests. Because so many people in our church in Taiwan have requested to follow us through our ten month furlough on Facebook, I have made the strategic choice to open up to friend requests other than from my own children.

I still have a deep distrust of Facebook. I particularly dislike that photos and comments may appear on my page that are inappropriate, just because I happen to know someone. If this turns out to be a problem I reserve the right to cancel my account.

I will still be primarily using this blog as my communications outlet. I can better control the content here. When I post new content here, I will put a notice and a link on Facebook so that people can keep in touch with us.

Matthew Hanna

FYI: I am also planning to update and revise this East Is East blog site during the ten months we are in the States. I plan to move to a new server with more functionality and fewer quirks. One advantage will be improved print functions. We’ll keep you posted. . .

1 comment to Summer Facebook Experiment

  • Marian Hanna

    I’m with you! But progress is progress. I’m not quite there yet. Now you’re going to have to teach me how to use it so I can participate (if I want to).

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