Sep 26

New Prayer Card Available

We have just received our new prayer cards from the printer. We will be distributing these prayer cards in the churches as we report to them throughout the remainder of our furlough. For those churches in which we have already reported, we will be mailing packets of cards for them to distribute to their congregations. If you are not a member of one of our supporting churches, but would like a copy of our prayer card, please write and request one.

Hanna Prayer Card (front)
For more information about our new prayer card, or to download a copy of our prayer card that you can print at home, see the Prayer Card page of this blog (on the drop-down menu under Resources / Hanna Ministry Promotional / Our Prayer Card).

In addition to our new prayer card, we are also making available new studio portraits for churches who wish to display a recent picture of their missionaries. See our Display Photo page (on the drop-down menu under Resources / Hanna Ministry Promotional / Family Photo For Display)

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