Oct 16

Visual Upgrade

As you can see, we’ve dressed our website up a bit. Most of the changes are cosmetic. None of the content has been moved or removed.

The big change is that we have now greatly enhanced printing functionality for this site. If you have been frustrated with trying to print pages and posts from time to time, those days are now over. You can now easily print up content found on our blog. Here are some printing tips:

  • If you wish to print just one post, don’t try to do it from the home page, since you will end up printing all of the posts which are displayed from the last several months. . . That would take a lot of paper! Instead, click on the title (which is a link) of the particular post you wish to print. The post will reload on a page by itself. Or click on the link, “print version,” found in the footer at the bottom of the post. You can now print either using your browser’s print function, or using the link, “print this page,”  found in the footer at the bottom of the post.
  • All of the pages accessed from the drop-down menu will also have a “print this page” link in the footer.

There may be a few more minor changes made over the next few weeks as we tweak the appearance of our blog and add functionality. Eventually we hope to move to another server with fewer quirks. Stay tuned.

1 comment to Visual Upgrade

  • Karen Cunnien

    I like the new upgrades! And I can print your prayer card so much easier, too. 🙂 I was showing the changes to the kids and Joel’s response was “Wow. That’s a LOT of pink!” 🙂 They like to look at all the pictures… 🙂 We’re praying for you! Be safe…love, the Cunnien bunch

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