Feb 7

Art Hanna Promoted to Heaven

Art & Marian Hanna

Photo: September 2013

I just received word that my Dad, Art Hanna, has passed away at age 93. I will be returning from Taiwan to the U.S. for a few weeks for the funeral and to help my Mother. Marla has just departed Taiwan for Michigan to visit and help care for her Mother who is bedridden with Parkinson’s Disease. This is a busy and stressful time for our family. I’ll send out another note when I have more information.

I thank the Lord for my parents who left a godly example of sincere faith for me to follow. My Dad was saved as an adult and served the Lord faithfully, but un-ostentatiously, throughout his Christian life. He served as a boy’s Sunday School teacher, a youth sponsor, children’s church director, church handyman, and a deacon; for more than thirty years he taught the Bible as a lay preacher in several nursing homes in Stockton and Placerville (California). During my younger years, every other Saturday he took a van-load of young people on “a hike”; the kids loved him. My mother has been caring for him for many years now as his age led to declining health. At the end he peacefully passed into the presence of the Lord. Please pray for comfort and strength for my mother, Marian, during this period of grieving.

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