Apr 1

Baptismal Service

Three individuals received baptism after morning worship at Cornerstone Baptist Church on Sunday. In the last two weeks, two families and three individuals have been added to the church by either baptism or statement of faith. In spite of all that has been taking place in our family, Christ is continuing to build his church. His strength is made perfect in our weakness.

Marla still remains in Michigan, where she has been since mid-February. Along with some of her sisters, she is helping to provide full-time care for her mother, who is in the end stage of a terminal illness. This comes on the heels of  my (Matt’s) dad’s passing in early February (see earlier posts). We are thankful for God’s grace and guidance during these last few stressful months. Pray for wisdom for our family as we consider how best to minister to Marla’s mother and attempt to balance her needs with our ministry responsibilities here in Taiwan. Marla and I have been keeping in touch by talking twice daily on our MagicJack internet phone. Originally, we purchased it in order to keep in touch with our kids at BJU; now we are really getting our money’s worth! However, we’ll be glad when we are no longer on opposite sides of the globe.

Luke will be graduating from BJU with a Masters degree in early May. He is making his future plans and seeking for a suitable job. Pray for the Lord’s provision and guidance in his life. Rose and Beth will be remaining in Greenville during the summer and working.

Thank you for the many encouraging letters, cards, and e-mails that you have sent. We also appreciate the thoughtful financial gifts from churches and individuals; these have helped to offset some of the extra travel expenses we are facing during this period.

Mrs. Jiang's baptism

Mrs. Jiang’s baptism

Mr. Jou's baptism

Mr. Jou’s baptism

Edward Tsao's baptism

Edward Tsao’s baptism

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