Aug 23

The Theology of Amos

I recently completed a course in Old Testament Theology. We explored the themes and messages of OT biblical books, learned how to investigate the meaning and significance of key Old Testament terminology, and practiced skills for determining the Old Testament’s teaching on important theological subjects. I loved it!

One of our assignments was to implement what we learned by writing a paper on “The Theology of Amos.” If you’re interested in learning more about the theological message of this Old Testament book, you can read my paper in PDF format through the link below.

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The Theology of Amos

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  • Sir Matthew:
    God has certainly blessed you as a Wordsmith. Pardon the expression, you are a “Beast with Pen and Paper.” Theology of Amos was ALL THAT. Great descriptors, accurate pinpointing of Israel’s sins, and application for us today. I especially like PREACHING FROM THE PROPHETS by Kyle Yates
    (Broadman Press – OUT OF PRINT). Would like to find more of your writings. May God continue to Bless You.

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