Our Prayer Card

Here is our most recent prayer card (September, 2012) available for immediate download.
Hanna Prayer Card


  • Front and Back (.ZIP file containing front and back of prayer card in high resolution .JPG format suitable for photo finishing; size: 4.0 mb.). DOWNLOAD

  • Front of Card Only(.JPG format, size: 1.4 mb). View/Save Image
      When the hi-resolution image has finished loading in a new window, do the following:

    • Because of the large file size, the image may take a while to finish loading. Be patient.
    • Point at the image with your mouse pointer and click the right mouse button.
    • From the menu select “Save Image As…”
    • In the “Save Image” window that pops up, select a directory and enter a filename where you wish to store the file on your computer, then push the “Save” button.

  • Need other options?Write me! I would be happy to mail a stack of up to 50 printed prayer cards on request.
Hanna Prayer Card (back)

Hanna Prayer Card (back)

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