Jun 24

Moving Down in Life

Matt was recently appointed to a new role in Baptist Mid-Missions as the Asia-Pacific Field Administrator. However, this ministry will be based out of Taiwan, rather than returning to work from the Home Office in Cleveland, OH. His region of oversight extends geographically from Russia to the southern tip of New Zealand; it includes India, […]

Dec 4

Missionary Video Report

Merry Christmas 2015!

Merry Christmas!

We’ve posted a short video report of our 2015 ministry here.

Sep 25

Culture Shock and Missionary Failure

The following article was actually written more than seven years ago, when this topic was a burning issue in my own heart and mind. However, it remained unpublished till now. Since we presently have two new missionary families with us at Cornerstone Baptist Church, Kaohsiung, I feel that the time has come to dust off […]

Jun 30

Beth’s Mission Report

Beth has just returned to us in Taiwan after spending 6 weeks with Mary and Hubert Broeckert in Cambodia, learning the ropes of medical missions. Here is her Cambodia Update letter, which she sent out before her return to Taiwan. THANK YOU to each church and individual who helped support her ministry with your gifts […]

Sep 1

View from the Pew

Sunday, August 31 was a fifth Sunday, when children remain with their parents in the worship service, instead of going up to children’s church. One young fellow was having a difficult time keeping quiet during the sermon, so Marla moved over next to him to give him a little guidance. He finally accepted a pencil […]

Dec 17

2014 Annual Bible Reading Calendar

Here is a new 1 year Bible reading calendar that I recently developed for our church congregation to use. It is available below as a PDF file in both English and Chinese versions. Please feel free to download it, print it, and distribute it for personal or church use. Drop me an e-mail or leave […]

Apr 5

Hanna Ministry Featured

Our family and ministry are featured in the spring issue of BMM’s quarterly publication, Advance!, in an article titled “Passion for God.” You can read this publication and article online here (see page 4 to find us).


Jun 29

Marrying Outside the Faith

Last Sunday morning I completed my preaching series in the book of Nehemiah. Chapter 13 describes Nehemiah’s continuing efforts to restore the Jewish nation’s covenantal heritage and to re-establish the people in a position of blessing through obedience to Jehovah. Three personal prayers (Neh. 13:14, 22, 31) mark off the three sections of the chapter, […]

May 25

The Elements of Revival

With God’s help Nehemiah led the Jews to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem in just fifty-two days (Neh. 6:15). In doing so he modeled the principles of leadership which every Christian leader who desires to accomplish a work for God may apply in his own life and ministry. However, in considering Nehemiah’s accomplishment, the focus […]

Mar 20

A Morton Salt Ministry: When It Rains, It Pours

A 1952 Poster from the Morton Salt Co. website

The sight of a cylindrical, indigo blue box of Morton salt always turns my heart back to my mother’s and grandmother’s kitchen during the days of my childhood. The famous Morton Umbrella Girl, which today is one of the most widely recognized consumer product symbols […]

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