Jun 15

. . . in a Land of Many Gods

Taiwan: Preaching the True God in a Land of Many Gods

We’re glad to announce, at last, that our Taiwan field presentation DVD which was filmed and produced by the Baptist Mid-Missions’ film department in 2007 has now been posted as video on our website. This video was prepared in order to inform churches, […]

Apr 5

Easter vs. Tomb Sweeping Festival

This past weekend has been a special one on the calendar for multiple reasons. Sunday, April fourth beside being Easter was also “Children’s Day” in Taiwan; today, April fifth is “Tomb Sweeping Festival,” a public holiday. Tomb Sweeping Festival is the traditional date when families return to the ancestral tombs to clean and beautify the […]

Feb 12

A Photographers View of Taiwan

If you enjoy beautiful scenery, here is a slide show provided by missionary photographer Dan Watson. It is not without reason that Taiwan was first known in the West as Formosa, “The Beautiful Isle.” You can find more of Dan’s photo albums by following the link to his website. (Look on the right sidebar under […]

Dec 13

The Forgotten China

You will (I hope) understand if I get a little peeved by all of the attention lavished on Mainland China, which is often paid at Taiwan’s expense. We more or less expect to see Taiwan downgraded in the secular press. Money talks and the size of China’s potential market guarantees that they will be able […]

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