What meaneth life?
For all is madness, folly, strife–
Where the peace I long to know?
Whither shall I go?–
To Thee!

Why placed I here?
That I accomplish nothing is my fear!
I’ve tried and failed so many times to be
What I can only be
Through Thee.

What goal I press?
My soul sinks down in great distress–
I’ve chased the wind and heard it sigh away;
But seek today
For Thee.

What strength I wield?
My weak arm faileth on the battlefield–
And now when needed most my courage is gone!
But I continue on
By Thee.

So help me, gracious Lord, to see
That all I need I find in Thee!

by Matthew Hanna

Copyright © 2006 by the author

May be copied for church or personal use. All other rights reserved.

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