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Quick Facts:Taiwan, Republic of China

  • Land Area: 13,972 sq mi (36,188 sq km). Taiwan is about 290 miles long (North to South) and 90 miles wide at its widest point.
  • Land Features: Taiwan is an island located 90 miles east of the Chinese Mainland. 2/3 of Taiwan’s land area is taken up with the Central Mountain range which runs the whole length of Taiwan from North to South. More than 60 of these mountain peaks are 10,000 feet or higher. Most of Taiwan’s cities are located on the western plains.
  • Climate: tropical; marine; rainy season during southwest monsoon (June to August)
  • Population: 23 million.
  • Population Density: Taiwan is the second-most-densely populated country in the world with 632 people per square kilometer (after Bangladesh with 985 p/sq km).
  • Language: Mandarin Chinese is the official language, but Taiwanese and Hakka are also spoken.
  • Ethnic Makeup and Culture: Taiwan is populated by ethnic Chinese who share language and culture with the people of Mainland China.
  • Taiwan FlagGovernment: Constitutional Democracy with 5 branches of government.
  • Major Cities:
    The capital city of Taiwan is Taipei, located in Northern Taiwan (population 2.6 million). Other major cities include Kaohsiung (1.5 million), Tainan (750,000), Taichung (1 million).
  • Currency: New Taiwan Dollar (about 32 NT$ to $1.00 usd)

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