Andrew Bonar Diary

Andrew A. Bonar, D.D., Diary and Letters, East-Is-East Edition for Logos PB

Corrected Edition Posted Aug 26, 2013.

Andrew A. Bonar, D.D., Diary and LettersAndrew Bonar authored the Memoir and Remains of Robert Murray M’Cheyne and a dozen other biographical works, doctrinal treatises, and gospel tracts; he was the younger brother of the well-known author and hymn-writer Horatius Bonar. As a contemporary of Spurgeon and Moody, he pastored evangelical congregations in the Free Church of Scotland.

Diary and Letters is Bonar’s remarkable personal journal. Through a period of more than 50 years, he maintained a continuous record of his personal life, spiritual experience, and public ministry. Andrew Bonar was a man full of humility, prayer, evangelical fervor, and pastoral concern. Diary and Letters permits you to look over the shoulder and into the heart of a true spiritual giant and model of genuine evangelical piety. Since this book is currently out of print, I desire that this edition for Logos PB will make it more easily accessible for reading and study.

This edition of Andrew A. Bonar D.D., Diary and Letters is based on the 1894 print edition (London: Stodder and Houghton, 400 pages) which has entered the public domain. The digital text was scanned from original print sources by Google Books, digitized, and then published online. This base text was then compared with digital images of the print source in order to identify and correct innumerable OCR errors and garbage text which were present in it. Finally, this corrected text was edited and formatted for Logos 4 Personal Books. In accordance with Google’s usage policy, this book is released for personal, non-commercial use only.

The Logos 4 PB edition retains the footnotes and pagination of the original print edition for citation purposes. Each Scripture reference has been converted to a hyperlink, which links to the default Bible version in Logos. Finally, the Table of Contents is available on the book’s resource navigation pane. You may download this book as a .zip file and/or view detailed instructions for installing it by using the links below. I welcome your questions, comments, corrections, or suggestions by using the comment form below or by e-mailing them to me.

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Corrected Edition Notes (8/26/2013):
  1. Front Matter and Edition Notes corrected and updated for consistency.
  2. Logos PB MetaData corrected.
  3. Original book contents unchanged.

For information about Logos Bible software and the Personal Books feature, see the LOGOS 4 PERSONAL BOOKS page.

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  • FYI: This book is no longer available as an e-book on Google Books. However, it appears that Banner of Truth plans to publish a new reprint edition of this book this year. It is currently available from Amazon as a Kindle E-Book.

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