True Riches


A Note Found by a Lady Inside Her Jewelry Box

You will not find here greatest riches
Nor discover jewels most fine.
For those unlock a different coffer–
The Bible is a richer mine!

For though its treasures oft lie buried,
Hid beneath the roughest ore
(And only may be found, at last,
By them who are in spirit poor),

Yet their worth is far surpassing
And undiminished shall remain,
When diamonds into dust shall crumble
And emeralds melt in fiery flame.

For God hath said, “If you seek treasure,
Seek that which lasts beyond today!
Heaven and earth shall pass in time,
But my Word shall not pass away!”

by Matthew Hanna

Copyright © 2006 by the author

May be copied for church or personal use. All other rights reserved.

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